Countdown to Beats on the Banks

There’s exactly less than 10 hours left until set-up for Beats on the Banks (RUPA’s now annual concert series) ft. Joey Bada$$, A$AP Ferg, and Ab-Soul begins!

For the past month, I’ve been shamelessly and obsessively promoting Beats on the Banks SO MUCH that the “4” key on my laptop is wearing out thanks to all the $$$$ I’ve been typing.  This will most likely be the first and last time I see that many dollar signs.  Anyway, I must say it is quite rewarding to see an event that you’ve been planning for months in advance, finally come.


Source: RUPA Rutgers Facebook; Working constantly to promote the event through different types of posts.

In terms of preparation, we (Concerts & Coffeehouses committee of RUPA) have been hustling the entire week in order to get things prepared for the concert on Thursday, September 26th.  Aside from making detailed, down-to-the-minute “Day of Show” timelines, we’ve also had to deal with media requests, volunteer assignments, and the most important part: getting food.

No matter how down-to-earth an artist is, without good food, he/she WON’T be happy, and understandably so because nobody likes to be hangry (hungry + angry = hangry).  This is why we take care of both catering (the artist’s actual meal) AND the hospitality rider, which is basically a (usually long, but not always) list of requests by the artist.  Requests range from “2 loaves of wheat bread” and “Orange Juice with specifically SOME PULP” to “white POLO shirts, size L” and “white boxers, size 34.”  So far, the hospitality riders I’ve dealt with thus far have also requested copious amounts of alcohol (an artist recently requested Hennessy) and basic grocery-list items.  However, as much as we want to make sure the artist has fun, we cannot provide them alcohol due to liability issues; they’ll have to rely on the Wii we set up in their dressing room for entertainment.

Source: RUPA Rutgers Instagram; Beats on the Banks Street Team to push ticket sales.

Source: RUPA Rutgers Instagram; Beats on the Banks Street Team to push ticket sales.

Because that list of requests is sent to every venue in which the artists performs at, 9 times out of 10 we get to keep whatever they don’t touch.  Personally, for the show tomorrow, I called dibs on the big jar of Nutella if the artist chooses not to eat it.  I will admit though that I willingly took and ate an open bag of Tostitos given to me by the lead singer of Mayday Parade; I’m sure I consumed the entire band’s germs.

Even with everything prepared, packed, and ready to go, I still can’t help but feel a little bit anxious.  Here’s hoping I get that jar of Nutella.

$tay tuned,




I’d always thought of myself as pretty skilled and adaptable when it comes to picture editing.  However, the process of learning how to use Pixlr was pretty frustrating to me.  Even after viewing the tutorials, it was difficult trying to figure out what button to press when.  It took me a good hour trying to figure out what the blinking dotted lines meant!  Even more frustrating was trying to perfectly cut both the Spotify and RUPA logos out of their pictures; I have no shame in admitting that that took me more than a day to do.  My aha moment was figuring out how to make use of the “layers” tab on the side of Pixlr.

Although it only took a matter of orienting and familiarizing myself with the different tools and buttons of Pixlr, everything else after that pretty much came naturally.  I had a clear vision of what I wanted: a simple, vibrant header that incorporated my blog name, RUPA, and Spotify.  After figuring out what that magical wand and what the frame-like icon did, it was just a matter of perfecting it.

Fortunately, I definitely won’t be editing pictures or remixing headers in my everyday life.  Aside from teaching me how to resize a picture and deal with “layers,” Pixlr taught me to remain patient and take the time to learn and understand rather than rush everything in an attempt to “just get it over with.”  Odds are if you rush creating the header, it’ll look exactly like the amount of time you put into it.

P.S. – I’m not yet sure if I want to keep the header or not, so I will attach a picture of the header in this post as well.


Source: Google image search of “concerts” is the background merged with the Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA) and Spotify logos, which were also found on Google image search.

Inaugural Post

There’s very few things more intimidating than drafting the first post on your blog.  Months or years from now when you’re stalking your past self, you’ll likely come across your first blog post and probably cringe.

Source: Self-made meme made on because I had to have Ryan Gosling on the page somehow.

Source: Self-made meme made on because I had to have Ryan Gosling on the page somehow.

That being said, I was a little nervous to set up this blog, but excited nonetheless to take the first step in sharing my adventures.  Since this blog is for my class, Strategic Presentation Methods in Digital Media, I wanted to make sure everything was perfect and contained everything that was listed in the guidelines.  Since I consider myself pretty tech-savvy, setting up my blog was easy and quick.  The hardest part for me, however, was choosing the name of the blog; I wanted a unique and witty blog name.  It seemed that every time I thought of a good title, it was already taken, and the only way I would be able to have it was if I swapped the o’s for 0’s and added a stream of numbers at the end of it, which I was most definitely not willing to do (“R0xandR0ll7261994” just doesn’t have the same effect).  Finally, after a lot of Googling of musical terms and creative blog names, I thought of one- a pretty good one if I say so myself.

Source: Myself; One of the many perks of working behind the scenes is meeting the cool band members, like Derek from Mayday Parade.

Source: Myself; One of the many perks of working behind the scenes is meeting the cool band members, like Derek from Mayday Parade (left).

Though “Rox and Roll” is pretty much a blank canvas right now, I’m eager to start posting and filling the blog up.  I can’t wait to make myself seem important and cool by sharing not only my experience of booking and dealing with musicians, but also revealing insider details about what it’s like to endorse a popular music brand around campus.  To make myself look even cooler, I’ll also be sharing new music “goodies” as I discover them.

Stay tuned,