Get Ready for Some Good Vibes… and a Great Screenshot

It has been quite a successful first semester for the introduction of RUPA’s Live Vibes: Rutgers in the Spotlight Coffeehouse.  Each month, the coffeehouse successfully drew in a crowd ready to jam out to awesome student musicians and local bands while munching on some goodies (how can you turn down a free brownie?!).  Next semester, RUPA will be continuing the Live Vibes Coffeehouse series, and you bet there will still be free mugs (having an event without any free stuff is a travesty… I mean who would go to that?)!  Our first Live Vibes Coffeehouse of the Spring semester will be on Tuesday, January 21st; might as well jam out to people playing guitars before the semester starts playing you.

To celebrate the success of the Live Vibes Coffeehouse series, here’s a short recap video from the November Live Vibes Coffeehouse I organized.  Also, I figured you would need some comic relief after  stressful week of finals, so enjoy that beautiful screenshot:

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I’m sure you’ve heard of Spotify before, possibly the greatest, most convenient digital music streamer (but I may be a little biased).  My favorite Spotify feature is being able to create different playlists for whatever mood I’m in or whatever activity I’m doing (listening to “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers while I’m working out just doesn’t cut it for me).

Source: Google Images; Personally, I think "Spotify" should officially be renamed "SpotiFLY."

Source: Google Images; Personally, I think “Spotify” should officially be renamed “SpotiFLY.”

Personally, I prefer Spotify to Pandora because Spotify can play songs on demand.  I mean, there are only so many times you can hit the “skip” button on Pandora anyway!  And when you want music of the same genre to stream endlessly (like Pandora), there’s the Spotify radio feature.  As a Spotify Campus Influencer, my job is to spread the awareness of Spotify around campus.  Most people know about Spotify, but not everyone knows all the features available on it.

Now that I’ve successfully sounded like one of those people who stop you in the middle of the mall and try to sell you some type of hand lotion, go ahead and sign up with the links below.

Sign up for FREE Spotify here (I recommend this for all broke college kids):

Sign up for Spotify PREMIUM here (No ads AND offline streaming on both your laptop and phone, but hopefully you’re on work-study because you have to pay $9.99/month):

*Shortened links courtesy of Bitly.

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