Party at the Puddle: Recap

Man, talk about a parrrrrty!

Party at the Puddle went swimmingly!  The event stayed packed until the very end with long, long lines of students waiting patiently (and, well, not so patiently) for free food (that waOn Stage Party at the Puddles delicious, by the way).  Many students enjoyed making a mini-terrarium inside a mason jar for a craft while others preferred the carnival games on the side, which also included an old-school dunk tank!  Of course, many lounged around the grass, watching whichever respective artist was on at the time.  The music portion went well, besides the fact that we went about 20 minutes over the official event end time.  But even that wasn’t a big enough bump to knock us over.

Throughout the event, attendees stayed engaged on social media due to the photo contest I had set up.  Attendees were encouraged to tag us in their photos and add “#PuddleParty” to their captions.  Periodically, we would randomly choose users’ photos and then announce the winners of chocolate-filled mason jars on stage.#PuddleParty Entry  Many people Instagrammed and tweeted @RUPARutgers, but of course, there could only be 4 winners for the night.  Win or lose, almost everyone who tweeted @RUPARutgers got a reply back!

The mix and flurry of activities for students to participate in provided a well-rounded experience for attendees.

American Lions Promo

Party at the Puddle 1

Party at the Puddle 2

Party at the Puddle 3

I feel confident that my goal of creating memories for other people has been accomplished thanks to Party at the Puddle.

Stay tuned,



Party at the Party at the Puddle Street Team

In my Party at the Puddle promotion plan that I outlined very briefly in a previous blog post, I mentioned that I would build in an in-person marketing opportunity via street team.  Today, we had a street team on Douglass (since that’s where the event will take place) from 12pm to 1:45Party at the Puddle 2pm.  Originally, the street team was supposed to be from 12pm until 3:30pm, but no one was able to staff the later shift so we had to end early.  The weather was sunny, beautiful, and warm, which was perfect for our outdoor location in the George Street plaza (right behind the Douglass Student Center).

At street teams, I always encourage my Marketing Assistant Directors (MADs) to have a special theme or item at their table.  For example, Rendell, the Comedy & Media MAD, usually buys cupcakes and cookies for his street team since free food ALWAYS equals broke college students rushing over to the table.  For this street team, we had assorted mini Hershey’s chocolate bars because who doesn’t love candy that you can easily eat 5+ pieces of in one sitting?

Party at the Puddle

While I was setting up the table, I realized there were no current flyers in the marketing bin.  We still didn’t even have a flyer for Party at the Puddle even though the event is in exactly 2 days.  To quickly improvise since the table was looking empty and I’ll admit I was a little bored, I spelled out “Puddle Party” in the mini chocolates.  It served as a temporary flyer and was also a way of grabbing peoples’ attentions.

While we tabled and tried to engage passerbys, we played local/New Brunswick music (very fitting, wouldn’t you agree?).  We started out playing bands we had seen at basement shows, like ROMP, even though they are unable to perform on Thursday at the event.  Then, we began playing music from all of the bands that are performing at Party at the Puddle, including WistewParty at the Puddle 3ria, Eagle Daddy, American Lions, Little Rose, Fiscal Cliff, and Cold Weather Company.  Mostly everyone e engaged surprisingly already knew about Party at the Puddle!  It is interesting to note that most of the people who passed by said they had heard of the event via Facebook event page.  For survey results, I am already predicting that a majority of the event attendees heard about the event via “social media.”  The next biggest category will be that the attendees discovered the event through a “friend.”

Current to do list:

  • Request finals on the Party at the Puddle flyer ASAP.
  • Continue social media promotion of the event — more specifically, map out which artist will be promoted and when.
  • Send bands last minute reminders.

Stay tuned,


Social Media Review: Lollapalooza

Have you ever realized how weird some music festival names are?  Like, who thinks of these?

Up next in the “Social Media Review” series: Lollapalooza in Grant Park, Chicago!

It’s hard for me to describe the vibe that I get after looking at Lolla’s color scheme and general website theme.  Almost like urban psychedelic?  The cartoonish themes remind me of Foster the People’s Supermodel mural, but the colors add a sort of urbaLolla Social Media 2n twist to it.  I’m sure I made no sense at all and sound just as high as most of the festival’s attendees.  As I quickly scroll through Lolla’s social media accounts, I see a healthy mix of videos, photos, and fan engagement.  Briefly skimming over the content, I do not see many social equity posts, which help establish brand personality traits.  However, Lolla’s selective choice of responding to fans somewhat serve as a quick-fix to this since its responses to fans help build its brand.

Lolla Social MediaPros:

  • Great use of other forms of media- articles, photos, videos.  By posting things other than photos at the actual festival, it keeps the content fresh and exciting.

Lolla Social Media 3

  • Lolla, like Bonnaroo and Coachella, promotes artists featured in the lineup by sharing articles and/or videos featuring the artist.
  • The articles the music festival posts and shares do not just relate to the artist, but the entire music industry/community.  For example, Lolla posted an article about how science may have discovered why humans make music.  Personally, just by following and “liking” Lollapalooza on social media accounts, I have learned so much about music and the industry.


  • The Lolla “voice” that I picked up on after reading through some posts was one of sass.  Because Lolla promotes it featured artists so much, it can often go through periods of not posting anything else besides that.
  • Lolla definitely needs to work on extending its brand personality.  Right now, when Lolla posts, I can’t actually attribute a personality trait to the brand.
  • More photos and video clips of actually being at the music festival — help me pretend I was there by posting about the experience of it all.Lolla Social Media 4

Lollapalooza’s social medias definitely show promising growth, but there was nothing that really *WOW’ed* me.  After reviewing 3 other music festival social media accounts, it’s easy to see now how difficult it is to differentiate a music festival from the others.  It’s amazing that Lolla posts articles not only relevant to a specific artist, but to any music-lover.  However, Lolla definitely has to work on curating more content that helps build the brand.

Overall score: 7 — Once Lolla builds its brand and social media “voice,” its score will definitely increase.

Stay tuned,


Party at the Puddle: Social Media Promo Plan

RUPA promoted events through all channels (digital, in-person, and print), but our presence is most prevalent on social media.  We drop all events first on Facebook and Twitter.  Given that social media is our primary means of promotion, I build in Party at the Puddle supporting posts in the Marketing committee’s social media content calendar for April.  Each month, I make a content calendar that dictates what type of post should be posted and when so that our social media accounts are not over saturated with event promotion.  The first few posts I assigned to Taylor, the Traditions & Community MAD, since Party at the Puddle is primarily a T&C event with a music portion.  The remaining posts I assigned to myself in order to promote each of the artists performing, much like Bonnaroo and Coachella do.

Original photo was accidentally deleted; current replacement photo taken on 5/3.

Can this technically be considered Rutgers’ mini music and arts festival? *Original photo was accidentally deleted; current replacement photo taken on 5/3.

So far, the event’s social media presence continues to grow given that over 2,000 students (almost 3,000 students) have RSVP’ed “Going” to the event.  Since the Concerts & Coffeehouses committee had extra money left over from Beats on the Banks and we are now expecting close to 3k people, we are doubling the food budget and ordering more food to accommodate the expected turnout.

This is totally going to be a mini music festival… but minus the flower crowns and floppy hats.

Stay tuned,


Coachella: Day 3 “Stole the Show”

Quick tally for Coachella weekend-

Number of flowy dresses I’ve seen: 182

Pairs of ankle booties I’ve seen: 231

Palm trees I’ve taken pictures of: 21

Number of man buns seen: 112

St. Lucia: With the California sun beating down and the wind blowing, I couldn’t help but enjoy this indie music with 80’s flair.  St. Lucia is always high energy and I most definitely fed off of the entire band’s stage presence.  One of my favorites of this weekend!

St. Lucia Coachella

Vance Joy: He sounds exactly like his recorded songs. It was HOT and I enjoyed his set (absolutely love Mess is Mine and Georgia), but we were all practically begging for Rip Tide.

Madeon: Great set!  Is he earlier in the day because he has a bedtime?

Brand New: Wished they played more of Deja Entedu (yeah, call me basic), but angsty Rox was still satisfied.

Kaskade: First EDM act on the MainStage if I’m not mistaken.  I loved when he played his remix of Galantis’ Runaway.  He had the entire Coachella crowd dancing, which is no easy feat when you have a bunch of hipsters who usually sneer at EDM.

Jamie XX: LOVE. Funky dance-worthy music and the chandeliers in the Gobi stage only added to the coolness of it all.

Florence & the Machine: This was my fourth time seeing her and the energy she gives off is usually ELECTRIC. Florence broke her foot during weekend 1 and therefore had to sit during her entire weekend 2 performance. Because of this, her performance was stripped back and slightly shorter. I was pretty disappointed I wasn’t going to see high-energy, crazy Florence, but she gave an amazing performance as usual. Also, shout out to Robert Ackroyd, Florence’s guitarist, for continuing to steal my heart.

Fitz & the Tantrums: Okay so TECHNICALLY I was at Fitz. While chillin’ at MainStage with Florence, Fitz’s high-energy tunes reached the back of Florence’s crowd. I was dancing and singing along to “Break the Walls” right up until Florence decided to drop “Dog Days are Over.” Seemed like an overall high-energy, dance-worthy set.

Coachella 2Odesza: ABSOLUTELY one of my favorites of the weekend! Since we were coming about 20 minutes late, the Gobi tent was PACKED and we were forced to stand all the way in the back, but the sound was pretty low so we were forced to go through the side of the tent and squeeze our way past hordes of people (this is definitely not easy when you’re approximately the same size as a child). FINALLY, after getting settled, I was able to enjoy their set. I’m a sucker for heavy percussion, so their use of live percussion was one of my favorite parts. Odesza ended their set with an unreleased, trap-tastic track that was way different than their usual chill, indie-electronic style. Even better is that they played the track with the help of the USC marching band.

Drake: I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of hip-hop so I wasn’t expecting to have THAT much fun at Drake’s set. However, I found myself rapping along and dancing to his rhythmic story-telling. I had told my sister earlier that he would probably bring Nicki Minaj out as his special guest during truffle butter, and lo and behold, a wild Nicki appears — but just for a small wave. A little disappointing how The Weeknd brought out Kanye and Drake brought out a silent Nicki. Drake is the only person who would sit on stage and stare sadly at the Coachella closing fireworks.

Kygo: First and foremost, I am a HUGE Kygo fan. I was a little bummed that I only got to see MAYBE 10 minutes of his set at Ultra this year. I will say, though, that I don’t think Kygo should close any festival. His visuals are amazing and his music is even better, but I really feel like he’s more of a daytime act or maybe a 8/9pm slot. At the Mojave stage, his sound was too low so those in the back couldn’t really hear over Drake at the main stage and whatever was going on next door at the Gobi stage. I wish I could’ve had more patience and stuck around longer than 20 minutes at Kygo, but Drake “stole the show” (sorry Kygo, used your own song against you).


Stay tuned,




Party at the Puddle: Contracts & Timelines

Contracts and timelines have been built, edited, and sent!

Check out our fancy DOS timeline (also includes our merch and rain date timeline)!

Check out our fancy DOS timeline (also includes our merch and rain date timeline)!

The day of show timeline was easier to build than I had been expecting.  It worked out perfectly since a few of the bands had requested earlier spots while some bands preferred to play later in the evening.  As evident from the timeline, this is a tight schedule since there are 6 bands playing.  My only concern is running over time, but even that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.  As for my to do list, the only item still on it is: Continue promoting artists via social media.

The end is near, y’all!

Stay tuned,


Coachella: Day 2 “Earned It”

SOS — Too much desert dust in my lungs and nasal cavities.

Milky Chance: First sets of the day are always amazing since you still have your energy and your feet aren’t as sore yet; jammed out real hard to “Stolen Dance,” of course.

Chet Faker: Quite possibly my favorite set of Coachella so far; came out 8 months pregnant.

Coachella 4Hozier: Enjoyed the blues-y feel; of course, screamed the lyrics to “Take Me to Church.”

Belle & Sebastian: Funky music that caters to every weird dance move you have.

alt-j: Listened to while eating chicken fingers and fries — chill set, delicious chicken fingers.

Duke Dumont: Imagine this: the wind blowing through your hair as “The Giver,” “Need U,” and “I Got U” blasts in the background — pure happiness.  Oh, and steel drums ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!

Tycho: No matter what song he played, I couldn’t stop moving.

FKA Twigs: Just as weird as you would imagine, but she absolutely KILLED it.  I went nuts for Two Weeks, my favorite song of hers. Also looked around for Robert Pattinson… no luck.

Coachella 5Flosstradamus: Synonymous with ratchet; turned the crowd into a giant mosh pit.

The Weeknd: Babymaking music at its finest.  Also, brought Kanye out.  Enough said.

Axwell x Ingrosso: Also saw a tiny bit of their set at Gov Ball and was less than impressed.  Stayed for a little more than 5 minutes and then lost interest.

Last and final day tomorrow!

Stay tuned,


Coachella: Day 1 “Shook Me All Night Long”

Oh my gosh, it’s everything you would imagine it to be AND MORE!  Here’s a quick recap of the artists I saw today.

Keys N Krates: ~*LeT’s DaNcE*~

Oliver Heldens: Still had fresh energy, so I was able to bounce, shuffle, and slightly jump (with a still injured ankle).

Lykke Li: Chill, let me sit on the ground to recharge and vibe out to Lykke’s vocals.Lykke Coachella

Interpol: Reminded me of a classic summer festival; this was the first band we saw at MainStage and it was incredible.  The way the MainStage was constructed made it feel like you were up close even though you were all the way back due to strategically placed speakers and large screens.

DJ Snake: Okay, so keep in mind this is my 5th (give or take – I’ve lost count) time seeing DJ Snake.  I love the guy, but his set seemed a little all over the place.  I expected a little more out of him than what was actually delivered.  HOWEVER, he did bring out Rae Sremmurd (I kind of just mumble that when I say it out loud in my head), DMX, and Alunageorge.

Tame Impala: The visuals were made especially for everyone tripping on acid.  Also, I love me some Tame Impala.

Porter Robinson: The sound was a little too low, but his set was amazing!  His music and visuals have this weird way of making you extremely happy but also extremely pensive about life.  Choking on nostalgia is common.

Coachella 3AC/DC: Old guys, but still put on a good show; subconsciously scared Angus Young or one of the other members was going to spontaneously pop a hip on stage.

Alesso: Just like DJ Snake, I have seen Alesso a few times before this.  I’ll always be somewhat sentimental watching Alesso since he was the headliner of the first RUPA event I ever worked.  Also, more recently, his song “Heroes” will eternally remind me of Dance Marathon — and that makes me emotional enough.

Two more days of musical heaven to go!

Stay tuned,


Party at the Puddle: Facebook Attendance

It’s only been TWO days since Party at the Puddle officially dropped on Facebook, but the event already has over one thousand people RSVP’ed as “Going”!  Of course, how reliable is a Facebook RSVP really though?  Still, it’s incredible to see the event get so much attention in a liParty at the Puddle Facebook Event Pgmited amount of time.

The impact of successful events on brand equity is exceptionally important.  In a study done by Zarantonello and Schmitt (2013), “event attendance has a positive impact on brand equity” (p. 255).  Events give attendees the chance to directly interact with and experience the brand.  Successful, meaningful events can change audiences’ perceptions of the entire brand.  Being at an event usually means “being fully immersed in a physical space that stimulates all consumers’ senses, and encourages them to be active participants and to interact with the surrounding environment” (Zarantonello & Schmitt, 2013, p. 261).  Wanting event attendees to have a complete experience, we/RUPA is strategically and creatively planning and preparing for Party at the Puddle.  We will have free food (calling all broke college students), carnival games (even a dunk tank!), arts and crafts (who wouldn’t want to do a craft involving a mason jar?), and of course- live music!

If Facebook attendance continues to grow and is any sign of how many people will actually be there, this event will really impact how attendees experience RUPA.  A major part of how we plan events is how we think the attendees will experience the event.  To us, it’s now just about the artist performing or the notable person speaking or giving a lecture, it’s about what attendees will remember and feel.  At the very first RUPA event I worked (Beats on the Banks ft. Alesso), I remember the good music and amazing production, but the memory that stands out the most to me is looking out at the crowd and feeling a sense of cohesiveness — there were over 4,000 diverse students of all different ethnicities, majors, minors, towns, etc., but here we were all dancing and enjoying the same concert.

If there is anything I hope to accomplish with Party at the Puddle, I hope to help people and friends make memories.

Stay tuned,


RUPA Presents: Party at the Puddle

Yup, RUPA is hosting a party at Passion Puddle on Thursday, April 30th.

Similar to the Fall’s Scarlet Harvest, which includes live music, free food, arts & crafts, and other fun activities (i.e., bull riding), Party at the Puddle serves as a celebration of nice weather and the end of the semester (finally).  As part of my Capstone, I will be planning the music portion of the event.  I will also be in charge of creating a promotion plan for Party at the Puddle.  What better way to understand social media promotion (when it comes to music events) than to plan and promote one yourself?

Along with promoting the event itself, I plan to promote each of the respective local New Brunswick bands’ Facebook and Bandcamp or Spotify pages.  I will incorporate all types of marketing in my Party at the Puddle promotion plan including:

  • Digital marketing (HEAVY social media promotion)
  • Print marketing (flyers on RUPA bulletin boards)
  • In-person marketing (street teams)

At the event, I will be distributing a short anonymous survey to as many attendees as possible in order to analyze and determine what form of promotion was the most effective in attracting attendees.  Based on the answers we have heard in the past via focus groups, I predict that social media will be the main source of attendees’ knowledge of the event.

Since social media is RUPA’s strongest form of marketing, we drop all of our events via Facebook and Twitter first.  Given that Party at the Puddle just dropped today, the Facebook “Going” RSVPs and invites seem to be growing at a healthy pace if not faster than normal.  A big factor could be the name of the event.  Personally speaking, if I saw an event named “Party at the Puddle,” I would be kind of confused and prompted to click on the event page.  The event name itself is click-bait!  As a side note, it was NOT easy to name this event.  At first, I was hell-bent on naming it “New Funswick” because why not?  At the end of the day, though, I couldn’t be happier with the event name — it matches the event’s upbeat, laid-back vibe.

This is an actual photo of Passion Puddle. Desktop wallpaper worthy, am I right?!

This is an actual photo of Passion Puddle. Desktop wallpaper worthy, am I right?!

Also, the fact that RUPA is hosting an event at Passion Puddle could be enough to attract attention since no other event is held in that area.  According to Hoyle (2002), the venue or event location can “dictate not just the attendance, but the character and personality of the event as well” (p. 15).  While framing events in a certain light is also important when promoting, having quality raw materials is equally as important.  We knew that we needed to somehow incorporate “Passion Puddle” in the event title to attract attention and place emphasis on the cool, unique location.  Beautiful weather (*KNOCK ON WOOD*), live music, tasty food, fun carnival games, and friends all in such a peaceful, picturesque place makes for the best day.

Stay tuned,


Hoyle, L. H. (2002). Introduction to event marketing. In Event marketing: How to successfully promote events, festivals, conventions, and expositions (pp. 1-17). New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.