Chet is No Faker When it Comes to Music

This morning, Chet Faker premiered an unreleased track called “Bend” originally recorded for his debut album Built on Glass on Triple J, an Australian radio station.  “Ever since it got cut from the album it’s just been sitting on my iTunes, sitting there looking at me,” said Faker.  “Usually when I cut a song after a few months I’m like ‘yeah cool, that song’s dead’ but it’s been annoying me… [so] it was either never going to be put out, or now, with this tour.”  The best way to describe “Bend” is: eclectic.Chet Faker It’s got Faker’s smooth vocals, a unique guitar riff, and irregularly timed percussion.  The track definitely stands out from the other songs on Built on Glass.  It’ll definitely take me a few more listens to grow to like the funky song.  It’s not one of my favorite Chet songs, but you can sense the authenticity behind it and it, of course, gets me pumped for a second studio album.

For his next album, Faker is aiming for a more “heavily performance-based sound.”  “Yeah there’s heaps of that [new music] coming and that was another reason why I had to put this track out now because once I put new stuff, you can’t go backwards,” said Faker.

Hey, I’ll take whatever I can get from Chet.

Stay tuned,



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