Party at the Party at the Puddle Street Team

In my Party at the Puddle promotion plan that I outlined very briefly in a previous blog post, I mentioned that I would build in an in-person marketing opportunity via street team.  Today, we had a street team on Douglass (since that’s where the event will take place) from 12pm to 1:45Party at the Puddle 2pm.  Originally, the street team was supposed to be from 12pm until 3:30pm, but no one was able to staff the later shift so we had to end early.  The weather was sunny, beautiful, and warm, which was perfect for our outdoor location in the George Street plaza (right behind the Douglass Student Center).

At street teams, I always encourage my Marketing Assistant Directors (MADs) to have a special theme or item at their table.  For example, Rendell, the Comedy & Media MAD, usually buys cupcakes and cookies for his street team since free food ALWAYS equals broke college students rushing over to the table.  For this street team, we had assorted mini Hershey’s chocolate bars because who doesn’t love candy that you can easily eat 5+ pieces of in one sitting?

Party at the Puddle

While I was setting up the table, I realized there were no current flyers in the marketing bin.  We still didn’t even have a flyer for Party at the Puddle even though the event is in exactly 2 days.  To quickly improvise since the table was looking empty and I’ll admit I was a little bored, I spelled out “Puddle Party” in the mini chocolates.  It served as a temporary flyer and was also a way of grabbing peoples’ attentions.

While we tabled and tried to engage passerbys, we played local/New Brunswick music (very fitting, wouldn’t you agree?).  We started out playing bands we had seen at basement shows, like ROMP, even though they are unable to perform on Thursday at the event.  Then, we began playing music from all of the bands that are performing at Party at the Puddle, including WistewParty at the Puddle 3ria, Eagle Daddy, American Lions, Little Rose, Fiscal Cliff, and Cold Weather Company.  Mostly everyone e engaged surprisingly already knew about Party at the Puddle!  It is interesting to note that most of the people who passed by said they had heard of the event via Facebook event page.  For survey results, I am already predicting that a majority of the event attendees heard about the event via “social media.”  The next biggest category will be that the attendees discovered the event through a “friend.”

Current to do list:

  • Request finals on the Party at the Puddle flyer ASAP.
  • Continue social media promotion of the event — more specifically, map out which artist will be promoted and when.
  • Send bands last minute reminders.

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Party at the Puddle: Social Media Promo Plan

RUPA promoted events through all channels (digital, in-person, and print), but our presence is most prevalent on social media.  We drop all events first on Facebook and Twitter.  Given that social media is our primary means of promotion, I build in Party at the Puddle supporting posts in the Marketing committee’s social media content calendar for April.  Each month, I make a content calendar that dictates what type of post should be posted and when so that our social media accounts are not over saturated with event promotion.  The first few posts I assigned to Taylor, the Traditions & Community MAD, since Party at the Puddle is primarily a T&C event with a music portion.  The remaining posts I assigned to myself in order to promote each of the artists performing, much like Bonnaroo and Coachella do.

Original photo was accidentally deleted; current replacement photo taken on 5/3.

Can this technically be considered Rutgers’ mini music and arts festival? *Original photo was accidentally deleted; current replacement photo taken on 5/3.

So far, the event’s social media presence continues to grow given that over 2,000 students (almost 3,000 students) have RSVP’ed “Going” to the event.  Since the Concerts & Coffeehouses committee had extra money left over from Beats on the Banks and we are now expecting close to 3k people, we are doubling the food budget and ordering more food to accommodate the expected turnout.

This is totally going to be a mini music festival… but minus the flower crowns and floppy hats.

Stay tuned,


Party at the Puddle: Contracts & Timelines

Contracts and timelines have been built, edited, and sent!

Check out our fancy DOS timeline (also includes our merch and rain date timeline)!

Check out our fancy DOS timeline (also includes our merch and rain date timeline)!

The day of show timeline was easier to build than I had been expecting.  It worked out perfectly since a few of the bands had requested earlier spots while some bands preferred to play later in the evening.  As evident from the timeline, this is a tight schedule since there are 6 bands playing.  My only concern is running over time, but even that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.  As for my to do list, the only item still on it is: Continue promoting artists via social media.

The end is near, y’all!

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Capstone Event: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

*Play while reading blog post.

Proposal emails were sent out to the prospective bands about 5 days ago; currently, 5 local bands are confirmed: American Lions, Cold Weather Company, Fiscal Cliff, Eagle Daddy, and Wisteria.  This is a stellar lineup so far and adding one more band would solidify our local band lineup.

Me and some friends at a basement show -- are we punk enough yet?

Me and some friends at a basement show — are we punk enough yet?

Although we had a tiny bit of money left in the Concerts & Coffeehouses budget to potentially book an outside touring artist for about $1,000, I chose to feature local/New Brunswick bands instead — kind of like an above-ground basement show.  Last year, “New Brunswick basements” were ranked as the “#4 place to see indie bands in New Jersey” (Kate, 2014).  New Brunswick fosters such a “do-it-yourself” environment that I wanted to celebrate the local musicians who are currently doing so.  Most of the bands that we have confirmed thus far are known to play mostly in New Brunswick basements, which “typically feature known or up-and-coming punk bands, both local and those that drive hundreds of miles” (Sanchez et. al., 2010, p. 1).  Having been to plenty of New Brunswick basement shows, I want the Capstone event to have the same feel of community, subculture, and support.

Stay tuned,


EDIT [4/7/15 at 10:23 AM]:

After giving them a full 6 days after the initial email, Rachel and I have sent follow-up emails to the bands who have not yet responded.  Notice that I have blacked out the title of the Capstone event and the band’s name since I’m not trying to throw shade at anyone for having a delayed response.

Follow-Up Email

Oh Snap, Snapchat!

I’m a huge fan of Snapchat when it comes to brand building.

I first came across brands utilizing Snapchat when I began to follow Insomniac Events, a music festival/event production company responsible for Electric Daisy Carnival among other festivals, on Snapchat.  I was so impressed by how the company used Snapchat to give fans behind-the-scenes fleeting content, making it that much more exclusive- as if a selfie from popular DJs, like Hardwell, wasn’t intimate enough.

EDC SnapchatHardwell Snapchat Andrew Rayel Snapchat

With Snapchat being at the meteoric level it’s at right now (can you say 0 to 100 real quick?), I now follow many brands on Snapchat.  Cosmopolitan (@CosmoMag) is a personal favorite of mine.  The trendy, girl-power magazine uses its Snapchat to further extend its social media “voice” through silly memes, pictures, and clips.  What I also love most about Cosmo’s Snapchat is their use of it to show the office environment.  By doing this, Cosmo is gradually building its brand personality.  I almost feel like I can describe Cosmo to someone using traits I would use to describe an actual person rather than a magazine.


After witnessing all of these brands take part in the Snapchat movement, I made it my personal mission to establish RUPA’s presence on Snapchat.  This past summer as I gradually ascended into my role as “Director of Marketing,” I immediately used Snapchat as a way to build RUPA’s “voice” and give students a behind-the-scenes look at what we actually do in preparation for events, which include comedy shows, concerts, Broadway trips, lectures, etc.  On the day of the event, I would absolutely stress to my Marketing Assistant Directors (MADs) the importance of using Snapchat to document set-up, RUPA council members hanging out, doors opening, artists performing, clean up, etc.  Post-event, we started a tradition by asking the artist/guest to take a selfie on our Snapchat account to add to our “Story” for all to see.  Seeing the amount of times the selfies have been screenshot is always cool!  While we do a great job at day of show Snapchats, I would love to build the presence of day-to-day RUPA Snapchats (similar to Cosmo’s strategy) to convey RUPA’s brand personality.

     RUPA Snapchat     Wayans Snapchat

With all of Snapchat’s new features, including live stories, geofilters, and “Discover,” brands should take serious advantage of Snapchat’s capabilities and audience reach.

Stay tuned,


RUPA Presents: Beats on the Banks ft. A-Trak

Since I will often talk about various music festivals, why not talk about Rutgers’ mini-version of a music festival?

Today, RUPA announced the headliner for Rutgers’ spring concert, Beats on the Banks, via short YouTube video.  Last year, the Director of Marketing decided to use daily visual clues to reveal the headliner, DJ Snake (i.e., a photo of snake eyes dice).  This year, I wanted to keep it simple but different.  I had just bought my Firefly tickets and watched their lineup video on YouTube.  Immediately after I watched the video, I knew I wanted to reveal the headliner via video announcement using b-roll from past Beats on the Banks shows.  To further support my decision to use a video announcement, an article I read about how to incorporate social media into event marketing confirmed that “teaser videos are great way to quickly generate interest and can be shared on any social platform” (Carter, 2015).  I also knew that posting the video on Facebook would make it more likely to appear on peoples’ timelines due to Facebook’s algorithm.

RUPA BOTB Announcement

Check out the engagement on our official announcement post!

Since it is just an announcement video, I requested that the video be somewhere between :30-:45.  The Student Life Media Team hustled to make the video in a matter of a few days since tickets go on sale in about 2 weeks (on Monday, March 23rd at 2pm via  The video perfectly showcases the experience of Beats on the Banks in just a few seconds.  I am completely in love with the video and almost wish I wasn’t going to Coachella Weekend 2 to experience this year’s Beats on the Banks.  Also, I’ve watched the video close to 50 times already.


Stay tuned,


Carter, T. (2015, March 5). 14 tips to incorporate social media into event marketing. Retrieved March 5, 2015, from Marketing Land website:

Relaunch of Rox and Roll

*Play while reading blog post*

Welcome to the relaunch of Rox and Roll! Originally, this blog was created solely for my Strategic Presentation Methods in Digital Media class (read: #tbt), but I chose to continue the blog with supplemental posts long after the class had ended. A couple months after the class had already ended, my blog posts fizzled out slowly as I pursued many other professional endeavors.

A couple weeks ago, as I was sitting in my Capstone class, I was asked to think of a subject for my final culminating senior project that would conclude my minor in Digital Communication, Information, and Media — I remembered Rox and Roll. Now, more than a year after Rox and Roll was started, I find myself typing this revival blog post. Given how much I enjoyed blogging, I have chosen to document my Capstone topic via Rox and Roll.

For my Capstone project, I will be utilizing my position in the Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA) as the Director of Marketing (a small promotion from when I first started the blog) to plan the music portion of a festival-like event, which will feature free food, fun activities, and an arts-and-crafts section. I will be responsible for all planning and contracting of artists, all of whom will be local/New Brunswick/DIY bands. In addition to the planning of the concert, I will be responsible for promotion surrounding the event. I will often post about ideal social media promotion methods and real-world executions of these practices. Everything- struggles, plans, thoughts, success- will be documented on Rox and Roll. And, of course, all experiences and encounters with music, both good and bad, will be blogged about.

I said it in my inaugural post on Rox and Roll, and I’ll say it again: Rox and Roll is a blank canvas. So stick around as I resume my amateur writing.

Stay tuned,


Get Ready for Some Good Vibes… and a Great Screenshot

It has been quite a successful first semester for the introduction of RUPA’s Live Vibes: Rutgers in the Spotlight Coffeehouse.  Each month, the coffeehouse successfully drew in a crowd ready to jam out to awesome student musicians and local bands while munching on some goodies (how can you turn down a free brownie?!).  Next semester, RUPA will be continuing the Live Vibes Coffeehouse series, and you bet there will still be free mugs (having an event without any free stuff is a travesty… I mean who would go to that?)!  Our first Live Vibes Coffeehouse of the Spring semester will be on Tuesday, January 21st; might as well jam out to people playing guitars before the semester starts playing you.

To celebrate the success of the Live Vibes Coffeehouse series, here’s a short recap video from the November Live Vibes Coffeehouse I organized.  Also, I figured you would need some comic relief after  stressful week of finals, so enjoy that beautiful screenshot:

Stay tuned,


“Can you bring Beyoncé to Rutgers?!”

I get asked some variation of this question at almost every Concerts & Coffeehouses event we have.  Although I do love my girl B, she probably won’t be visiting anytime soon.  Though it would be easier to get annoyed and give an eye-roll, I see where everyone is coming from; the process of picking and booking artists to come to Rutgers is not common knowledge, so I’ll break it down into simple steps.

Step 1: The Concerts & Coffeehouses committee of RUPA (there’s 7 of us, including myself) sits down and starts from nothing- literally nothing.  We go over what genres we have recently hit, and what audiences we haven’t reached yet.  For example, it has been a whole year since we’ve hit the Hip Hop/Rap audience (Childish Gambino came last year for our State Theatre show), so for our Fall State Theatre show, we brought Hip Hop back courtesy of Joey Bada$$, A$AP Rocky, and Ab-Soul.

Step 2: After establishing a genre, we think of all sorts of artists in that category.  The only stipulation with this step is that we have to keep in mind our budget for that specific show.  That means, they should be well-known, but not insanely expensive.  Keep in mind that we have to account for other aspects of the show in our budget (i.e., security, production, etc.).  Actually, production for our RAC show last year with Alesso was insanely expensive, so we definitely have to keep that in mind as we plan for our big Spring 2014 concert.

Source: Rutgers Student Life Facebook; Swedish DJ Alesso at RUPA's Beats on the Banks last year.

Source: Rutgers Student Life Facebook; Swedish DJ Alesso at RUPA’s Beats on the Banks last year.

Step 3: After picking several possible artists, we get price quotes and availabilities for each person/band through our source.  We are also able to see estimated prices for selected artists through a website we use, but not all artists are listed on there.

Step 4: When we start to narrow it down and get really serious about an artist, we call for references.  Basically, you call other similar schools and/or venues in which the artist performed at.  We have a list of questions we ask the school or venue, depending on the artist.  But general questions include: “Can you describe the facility where ______ performed?” “Was the show closed to your university community or was the general public allowed to attend?” “What kind of security was present? Student or professional?”  These references help a lot with our decision.

Step 5: After much debate between the committee, we pick a number of artists for all the different shows we have.  Aside from our BIG concerts, we also have smaller-scale shows usually held in the Multipurpose Rooms of a designated student center (i.e., our Mayday Parade show at the Livingston Student Center MPR).  Each committee member becomes the “point person” for the event they feel strongly about.

Source: Rutgers Student Life Facebook; Mayday Parade performing in the LSC MPR.

Source: Rutgers Student Life Facebook; Mayday Parade performing in the LSC MPR.

Step 6: We fill out a proposal form that contains details from estimated costs for everything  to why they should come to RU.

Step 7: We present these proposals to RUPA as a whole during our designated “proposal day,” when each committee presents their proposals.  RUPA members then fire any questions or concerns they may have about the event.  We actually had our Spring proposal meeting last night!  We’ve got some big things planned for the Spring!

Step 8: If all is well, we move on to book them through our source and the artist’s agent.  Contracts get signed, riders get sent.

As you can see, it’s a pretty lengthy process.  Also, because we are required to have several concerts during the year, we have to spread our budget accordingly to accommodate all events.  Like I just mentioned, we have just proposed all the events to all of council, including the advisers (who are professional workers, non-students).

After understanding the process behind everything, hopefully it becomes clear why Beyoncé probably won’t be at RU anytime soon.  Besides, she’s probably busy chasing Blue around anyway.

Stay tuned,


November Live Vibes: Rutgers in the Spotlight Coffeehouse

Only 2 more days until the Live Vibes Coffeehouse event I am spearheading!  At this month’s coffeehouse, come check out Kristian Del Rosario, Mike Skriloff, Rebecca Emont, & musical duo From A to Z!  Stop by the Livingston Student Center Coffeehouse (right by Dunkin’ Donuts) at 8 PM for some live music, free food, and a free RUPA mug.

Source: RUPA Rutgers Facebook; Come check out some live music and experience some good vibes!

Source: RUPA Rutgers Facebook; Come check out some live music and experience some good vibes!

As of right now, all the artists have been booked, and I currently await each artist’s signed Standard Service Agreement (aka contract), which includes a timeline of the night’s events and a set of provisions that the performer must follow.  I’ve already made a detailed Date of Show Timeline (“DOS Timeline”) that lists everything from exactly what time catering should arrive to how long each artist’s set should be.  I’ve also already placed the order for catering.  Basically, the only things left to do is transport things, like the RUPA mugs and Step and Repeat backdrop that will be placed behind the artists as they perform.

Needless to say, I am very excited and anxious to see how this month’s Live Vibes Coffeehouse will turn out!

Stay tuned,