I’m sure you’ve heard of Spotify before, possibly the greatest, most convenient digital music streamer (but I may be a little biased).  My favorite Spotify feature is being able to create different playlists for whatever mood I’m in or whatever activity I’m doing (listening to “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers while I’m working out just doesn’t cut it for me).

Source: Google Images; Personally, I think "Spotify" should officially be renamed "SpotiFLY."

Source: Google Images; Personally, I think “Spotify” should officially be renamed “SpotiFLY.”

Personally, I prefer Spotify to Pandora because Spotify can play songs on demand.  I mean, there are only so many times you can hit the “skip” button on Pandora anyway!  And when you want music of the same genre to stream endlessly (like Pandora), there’s the Spotify radio feature.  As a Spotify Campus Influencer, my job is to spread the awareness of Spotify around campus.  Most people know about Spotify, but not everyone knows all the features available on it.

Now that I’ve successfully sounded like one of those people who stop you in the middle of the mall and try to sell you some type of hand lotion, go ahead and sign up with the links below.

Sign up for FREE Spotify here (I recommend this for all broke college kids):

Sign up for Spotify PREMIUM here (No ads AND offline streaming on both your laptop and phone, but hopefully you’re on work-study because you have to pay $9.99/month):

*Shortened links courtesy of Bitly.

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Go Animate: “So much extra room for activities!”

Using Go Animate was not as difficult as I expected it to be.  At first, it was a little daunting to think of a scene to recreate.  Next, it was equally as intimating to think of recreating a scene when I have virtually no video-editing experience.  Finally, I thought of recreating the infamous bunk bed scene from the comedy Step Brothers.  Some minor difficulties I experienced while using Go Animate were: 1. the time limit – containing the whole scene in 30 seconds was hard, especially with the dialogue and effects.  The assignment was to create a video between 1:00 and 2:00 minutes, but the free version of Go Animate only allows a scene up to :30 seconds, 2. sometimes clicking on things would click on the wrong item in the background, which could get a tad annoying at times, and 3. text-to-speech would not come out right with the voices available.  Getting them to sound excited, for example, wouldn’t sound quite right sometimes.

Overall, it was an easy process, but just gets so getting used to.  It was pretty basic, simple, and not super high-tech.  I expect that anyone could just pick it up and know what to do since someone who has little to no experience with video editing (me) was able to create a short scene.  In the end, I was able to create my own animated version of the Step Brothers bunk bed scene.

Creative Commons

Upon clicking on the Creative Commons Search Engine, I actually had no idea what it was.  So I would type in things like “Lana Del Rey” into the search bar with YouTube highlighted, but I wouldn’t find the official music video I was looking for.  Then, I read the Creative Commons about page.  Creative Commons is a “nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools.”  Basically, there is only a designated category of videos, pictures, etc. that can be used properly and legally on my blog due to copyright terms placed on the selected media.

Source: Google Images; Vampire Weekend

Source: Google Images; Vampire Weekend

Because I personally found the video selections to be limited, I opted to choose a picture instead.  I chose to add a picture of one of my favorite bands, Vampire Weekend.  I can do so, according to the Fair Use Checklist, because it is for a class (“important to favored educational objectives”), this one picture is hardly significant to the entire Rox and Roll blog, and there is definitely no way that this picture on my blog is significantly effecting the “potential market” for this “copyrighted work.”  I am not getting any profit from posting this picture on my blog, and I also gave credit where it is due, which in this case is to Google Images.

Not only do I get to post a cool picture of Vampire Weekend, but I also get to post it legally.

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Meme: A Night at the Roxbury

“What is love?  Baby, don’t hurt me.  Don’t hurt me no more.”

Nine times out of ten, whenever “What is Love?” by Haddaway comes on in public, you’ll see various people doing this. This meme is from a parody on Saturday Night Live, but the actual dance move is from a 1998 comedy, A Night at the Roxbury.  I am always amazed at how a song can take you back to a time and place, a memory.  When I hear “What is Love?” I immediately think of the movie and the first time I watched it with my older brother and sister.  This just further proves how much influence music can have on you.

I chose this meme not only because it represents great memories, good laughs, and the significance of music, but also because this is probably what my friends and I look like when we jam out to songs in the car.

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Promote Rox and Roll

As a Marketing Assistant Director (MAD) for the Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA), I help manage all RUPA social media networks.  All those posts you see on our Facebook about an upcoming concert or a cool new music find?  Yup, that’s me.  And all the live concert tweets you see on the day of the show?  Yup, that’s also me.  As a MAD, I am constantly thinking of creative ways to present essentially the same message over and over again.  For example, for our first concert of the year, which was Mayday Parade, I promoted the event by posting the Facebook event link one week; but the next week, I promoted the event by posting the new song Mayday just recently released.  You have to find creative ways of presenting content to audiences.  Personally, I am more apt to click on an outrageous tweet than one that simply says, “Check this blog out.”

On Twitter, YOU can help promote my blog with one simple tweet.  Not only would you be helping me gain an audience/following to share my inside knowledge with, you’d totally be doing THEM a favor by pointing them to this awesome blog!  Especially with the use of a hashtag, music lovers can easily find your tweet and therefore, my blog as well.  Although Rox and Roll is already authentic, a large following would only add to the credibility of the blog.  Imagine you are looking at two food blogs; you would probably (even unconsciously) look at how many followers and/or comments each blog gets, and be more likely to follow the more popular blog.

Here’s what YOU can tweet to help Rox and Roll out:

#MUSIC LOVERS, get a VIP pass and see what really goes on backstage:

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Screencast: Humans of New York

Screencasting was a piece of cake.  From downloading the software to recording the actual video, I experienced little to no problems.  The only “problem” I came across, if you could even call it that, was trying to figure out what I wanted to say, and what pages I wanted to hit during the screencast.

I chose to give a virtual tour of “Humans of New York,” which, simply put, is a blog of a collection of photos of random New Yorkers with a quote from a conversation between the photographer and the subject at the time.  The quotes/captions often reveal the personality of the subject, or at other times, is just silly or meaningful.  The famous blog gives insight into all different types of peoples’ lives, which I find intriguing.

This skill, along with the many other skills we have already learned, can help in any future endeavors in the digital world.  As college students looking for internships and jobs, the skills we learn in class are more important than ever.  Just the other week, I had to edit a photo at my internship, and I applied some of the knowledge I had picked up during our Pixlr header assignment to complete the task.

Aside from virtual tours, another creative project that could be done using a screencast would be tutorials.  I see this type of video on YouTube all the time, and I have to admit it was pretty cool to create my own screencast video.  I’d always imagine the process to be a lot harder and more complicated than it actually was.  Needless to say, I think my screencast video looks pretty legit.

Stay tuned,


Rox and Roll Preview Track

Using Garageband was certainly intimidating.  I’ve seen friends of mine edit their music on Garageband, and I’ve always been overwhelmed by all the waves and layers and tools- it all looked like an EKG to me.  So needless to say, just the thought of opening up Garageband was daunting.

Surprisingly, the experience wasn’t so bad.  My sister has had some experience with Garageband, so she was able to instruct me a little bit.  During the whole process, I had three big difficulties.  Probably the most difficult part for me was splicing.  I really had to get the timing right, otherwise it would sound awkward and out-of-place.  Another difficulty was adjusting the fading of the songs; for example, finding the right volume of the second song for while I was talking.  Finally, finding two songs that meshed well together was also a minor challenge; I have such a big, eclectic selection of music it hard to choose just two!  After much deliberation, I chose to use “Dark Again” by Gold Fields and “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities.

My vision for my blog is to keep it very simplistic and contemporary.  So in keeping with the general theme and vibe of my blog, I wanted to keep my blog preview track fairly short and sweet.  I wanted to lightly breeze over what my blog is about instead of giving a detailed description of it: straight and to the point.  The track contains a lot of music, but what’s more fitting than a music blog preview track filled with music?

Learning to use new applications will always help both your current and future professional life.  Learning how to edit photos and cut or edit short audio tracks definitely won’t hurt me in the future.  If an employer needs something done right away, I could always volunteer to help facilitate the project since I’ll be familiar with the application and its tools.  As a Communications major wanting to work in PR, I have to be flexible and well rounded in skills, especially skills like creating and editing.

Fortunately, this task was not as problematic as I had been expecting.  I, however, found the Pixlr header assignment a lot easier since I’m usually very skilled at editing photos.  I am happy, though, that I can finally say I’ve used Garageband!

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I’d always thought of myself as pretty skilled and adaptable when it comes to picture editing.  However, the process of learning how to use Pixlr was pretty frustrating to me.  Even after viewing the tutorials, it was difficult trying to figure out what button to press when.  It took me a good hour trying to figure out what the blinking dotted lines meant!  Even more frustrating was trying to perfectly cut both the Spotify and RUPA logos out of their pictures; I have no shame in admitting that that took me more than a day to do.  My aha moment was figuring out how to make use of the “layers” tab on the side of Pixlr.

Although it only took a matter of orienting and familiarizing myself with the different tools and buttons of Pixlr, everything else after that pretty much came naturally.  I had a clear vision of what I wanted: a simple, vibrant header that incorporated my blog name, RUPA, and Spotify.  After figuring out what that magical wand and what the frame-like icon did, it was just a matter of perfecting it.

Fortunately, I definitely won’t be editing pictures or remixing headers in my everyday life.  Aside from teaching me how to resize a picture and deal with “layers,” Pixlr taught me to remain patient and take the time to learn and understand rather than rush everything in an attempt to “just get it over with.”  Odds are if you rush creating the header, it’ll look exactly like the amount of time you put into it.

P.S. – I’m not yet sure if I want to keep the header or not, so I will attach a picture of the header in this post as well.


Source: Google image search of “concerts” is the background merged with the Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA) and Spotify logos, which were also found on Google image search.

Inaugural Post

There’s very few things more intimidating than drafting the first post on your blog.  Months or years from now when you’re stalking your past self, you’ll likely come across your first blog post and probably cringe.

Source: Self-made meme made on because I had to have Ryan Gosling on the page somehow.

Source: Self-made meme made on because I had to have Ryan Gosling on the page somehow.

That being said, I was a little nervous to set up this blog, but excited nonetheless to take the first step in sharing my adventures.  Since this blog is for my class, Strategic Presentation Methods in Digital Media, I wanted to make sure everything was perfect and contained everything that was listed in the guidelines.  Since I consider myself pretty tech-savvy, setting up my blog was easy and quick.  The hardest part for me, however, was choosing the name of the blog; I wanted a unique and witty blog name.  It seemed that every time I thought of a good title, it was already taken, and the only way I would be able to have it was if I swapped the o’s for 0’s and added a stream of numbers at the end of it, which I was most definitely not willing to do (“R0xandR0ll7261994” just doesn’t have the same effect).  Finally, after a lot of Googling of musical terms and creative blog names, I thought of one- a pretty good one if I say so myself.

Source: Myself; One of the many perks of working behind the scenes is meeting the cool band members, like Derek from Mayday Parade.

Source: Myself; One of the many perks of working behind the scenes is meeting the cool band members, like Derek from Mayday Parade (left).

Though “Rox and Roll” is pretty much a blank canvas right now, I’m eager to start posting and filling the blog up.  I can’t wait to make myself seem important and cool by sharing not only my experience of booking and dealing with musicians, but also revealing insider details about what it’s like to endorse a popular music brand around campus.  To make myself look even cooler, I’ll also be sharing new music “goodies” as I discover them.

Stay tuned,