Coachella: Day 3 “Stole the Show”

Quick tally for Coachella weekend-

Number of flowy dresses I’ve seen: 182

Pairs of ankle booties I’ve seen: 231

Palm trees I’ve taken pictures of: 21

Number of man buns seen: 112

St. Lucia: With the California sun beating down and the wind blowing, I couldn’t help but enjoy this indie music with 80’s flair.  St. Lucia is always high energy and I most definitely fed off of the entire band’s stage presence.  One of my favorites of this weekend!

St. Lucia Coachella

Vance Joy: He sounds exactly like his recorded songs. It was HOT and I enjoyed his set (absolutely love Mess is Mine and Georgia), but we were all practically begging for Rip Tide.

Madeon: Great set!  Is he earlier in the day because he has a bedtime?

Brand New: Wished they played more of Deja Entedu (yeah, call me basic), but angsty Rox was still satisfied.

Kaskade: First EDM act on the MainStage if I’m not mistaken.  I loved when he played his remix of Galantis’ Runaway.  He had the entire Coachella crowd dancing, which is no easy feat when you have a bunch of hipsters who usually sneer at EDM.

Jamie XX: LOVE. Funky dance-worthy music and the chandeliers in the Gobi stage only added to the coolness of it all.

Florence & the Machine: This was my fourth time seeing her and the energy she gives off is usually ELECTRIC. Florence broke her foot during weekend 1 and therefore had to sit during her entire weekend 2 performance. Because of this, her performance was stripped back and slightly shorter. I was pretty disappointed I wasn’t going to see high-energy, crazy Florence, but she gave an amazing performance as usual. Also, shout out to Robert Ackroyd, Florence’s guitarist, for continuing to steal my heart.

Fitz & the Tantrums: Okay so TECHNICALLY I was at Fitz. While chillin’ at MainStage with Florence, Fitz’s high-energy tunes reached the back of Florence’s crowd. I was dancing and singing along to “Break the Walls” right up until Florence decided to drop “Dog Days are Over.” Seemed like an overall high-energy, dance-worthy set.

Coachella 2Odesza: ABSOLUTELY one of my favorites of the weekend! Since we were coming about 20 minutes late, the Gobi tent was PACKED and we were forced to stand all the way in the back, but the sound was pretty low so we were forced to go through the side of the tent and squeeze our way past hordes of people (this is definitely not easy when you’re approximately the same size as a child). FINALLY, after getting settled, I was able to enjoy their set. I’m a sucker for heavy percussion, so their use of live percussion was one of my favorite parts. Odesza ended their set with an unreleased, trap-tastic track that was way different than their usual chill, indie-electronic style. Even better is that they played the track with the help of the USC marching band.

Drake: I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of hip-hop so I wasn’t expecting to have THAT much fun at Drake’s set. However, I found myself rapping along and dancing to his rhythmic story-telling. I had told my sister earlier that he would probably bring Nicki Minaj out as his special guest during truffle butter, and lo and behold, a wild Nicki appears — but just for a small wave. A little disappointing how The Weeknd brought out Kanye and Drake brought out a silent Nicki. Drake is the only person who would sit on stage and stare sadly at the Coachella closing fireworks.

Kygo: First and foremost, I am a HUGE Kygo fan. I was a little bummed that I only got to see MAYBE 10 minutes of his set at Ultra this year. I will say, though, that I don’t think Kygo should close any festival. His visuals are amazing and his music is even better, but I really feel like he’s more of a daytime act or maybe a 8/9pm slot. At the Mojave stage, his sound was too low so those in the back couldn’t really hear over Drake at the main stage and whatever was going on next door at the Gobi stage. I wish I could’ve had more patience and stuck around longer than 20 minutes at Kygo, but Drake “stole the show” (sorry Kygo, used your own song against you).


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