Top 10 Best Songs to Set the Mood

Let’s be real — sometimes it takes more than candles, rose pedals, and whatever else you’re in to (no judgment here) to set the mood.  You can play the stereotypical Marvin Gaye or Miguel, but where’s the fun in that?  Besides, “the mood” is different each time — for example, a song to set the tone for when one of you is going through a difficult time (so, like, grief babymaking) will most likely not set the proper “mood” for when you’re both coming home from a great night, slightly buzzed, and majorly frisky (I mean, unless that’s your thing).  “The mood” varies, and so should each babymaking song.  Here’s a playlist with a mix of indie, hip-hop, electronic, and a whole lot of ~sensual~ music accompanied by rom-com worthy situations for each song:

Parks-and-Rec101. Good For You by Selena Gomez, A$AP Rocky.  “Let me show you how proud I am to be yours/ Leave this dress a mess on the floor”  You’ve been dating your significant other for a little while now, and it’s really good, but you’re so paranoid of it becoming stale.  You’re unconsciously desperate and almost obsessed with pleasing your partner.  You constantly think of ways to surprise him/her and prove that you’re worth it.  (Side note: You’re worth it.  Don’t ever prove yourself to anyone.)

2. All The Time by Bahamas.  “I’ve got all the time in the world don’t you want some of that”  Two words: Afternoon delight.  You wanted the both of you to play hooky from work to, ummm, “spend time” with each other, but you have that 10:30am conference call that you cannot miss.  So you both go to work, but both rush home to “eat lunch.” 😉 😉 😉  You both go back to work slightly frazzled, a little messy, but with a bigger smile and a bit more energy.  Hey, lunch must’ve been really delicious today!

3. One Time by Marian Hill.  “You like the hit and run/ You say it’s all for fun”  This song is straight-up sensuality and swagger.  You meet someone at the bar (who’s not creepy or douchey or ditzy – idk it might be the tequila talking), and you’re surprised at how decent the conversation is.  You initiate conversation because you apologize for your drunk friend bumping into everyone in a 10-foot vicinity, and he/she flashes you a 1000-mega-watt smile (idk again, everything’s kind of blurry).  You talk a little about your music tastes, your careers, and your mutual dislike for Donald Trump, and wow, you’ve never met anyone this refreshingly normal at a bar before.  It goes without saying that you mutually agree that tonight, despite what Marian Hill is crooning about, you will have a one-night stand (and promise to pretend to still be sleeping when the other is tip-toeing out of the apartment the next morning).

4. Powerful by Major Lazer, Ellie Goulding, Tarrus Riley.  “There’s an energy/ When you hold me/ When you touch me/ It’s so powerful”  You’re at your friend’s overly packed holiday party, and as you’re trying to make your way back to the bar to fill up your glass, you bump into your old ex (the one that you really and wholeheartedly loved even when you broke up and cried for weeks and watched PS I Love You over and over again).  You’re both kind of startled, but in a crowded room full of people, it’s just you two.  And, honestly, it feels comforting to see such a familiar face.  He/she asks if you want to get some air, get a drink elsewhere, or really anything to be alone together.  (Side note: This has probably already happened in roughly 85-120 romantic comedy movies probably starring either Kate Hudson or Katherine Heigl.)

5. Talk is Cheap by Chet Faker.  “I wanna make you move with confidence/ I wanna be with you alone”  You’re both coming back from a great dinner filled with plenty of laughter and happiness.  As you walk home arm-in-arm, you realize how much you admire him/her — literally everything about the person, even the annoying way he/she puts the carton back in the fridge even though there’s about a millimeter of juice left.  When you both finally arrive home and are unwinding, but still basking in the greatness of the night, you both mutually want to show each other just how much you really feel for one another.  (Side note: This song is meant for your FOR REAL, ride-or-die, legitimate lover/soulmate/best friend/person.  Chet Faker should not be taken lightly.)

6. Two Weeks by FKA Twigs.  “My thighs are apart for when you’re ready to breathe in”  You’ve been dating your significant other for a while because, let’s be real, things can get real freaky when FKA Twigs comes on.  No need to go into detail with this one *insert awkward/nervous emoji here*.

7. Black Mambo by Glass Animals.  “Slow down/ It’s a science/ He’s been waiting/ To bring you down”  You’re at an informal, mini-reunion with all of your old college pals, and you’re having a genuinely good time catching up with everyone and feeling like absolutely nothing’s changed.  One minute you’re chugging beer with your one friend you always thought was attractive but never had the guts to cross that line, and the next minute you’re asking that friend: “What if we actually did hook up back then?”  More than a few minutes after that (or at least I’d hope so), your “What if?” becomes a “What now?”

8. Slip by Elliot Moss.  “Whoa, whoa, whoa”  You’ve been dating this person for a little while now, but the relationship (if you can even officially call it that yet) is still brand spankin’ new.  Everything’s a little awkward at first, and you’re both cautious and a little timid, but there’s also a sense of urgency.  You fumble, you stumble, you mumble.  Everything’s tame, but you both know how pivotal this moment is.

9. Four Walls by Broods.  “I wanna make you feel how I feel when I’m listening to love songs/ I wanna take you to the peak of everything that you are”  Everything’s perfect, and you both love each other a ridiculous amount.  But then your company transfers you to a branch in a different country, and you’re stoked because this is your dream and exactly what you’ve been wanting to do — the ultimate next step in your career and your life.  And then you remember your significant other.  You both talk about it over and over again, and you both realize it wasn’t meant to be at this time.  You ache because you know that in another life, in other circumstances, you would 100% be together, but not right now.  You spend your last night in your home country in the place you know best.

10. Often by The Weeknd.  “I usually love sleeping all alone/ This time around bring your friend with you/ But we ain’t really going to sleep at all”  You swore you would stop hitting up your friend-with-benefits/routine booty call, but it’s Saturday night and you’re bored.  So your FWB comes over to innocently watch the game with you and drink a couple of beers.  But then you’re both staring at the game timer as it slowly ticks down second-by-second, and oops wow, you didn’t even realize you were holding your breath with your fists tightly clenched.  It goes to commercial, and in a nanosecond you look over at each other, make knowing eye contact, and then — touchdown, goal, score, home run (who even knows what sport you two were “watching”).


magic mike

11. Pony by Ginuwine.  “My saddle’s waiting/ Come and jump on it”  When you feel like getting your Magic Mike on.

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The Smoothest Remix Yet

As if Chet Faker’s “1998” needed any more swagger and sensuality, a rework was just released featuring a new verse and smooth harmonies from California singer BANKS.  chetThe original track was initially released on “Built on Glass,” the Australian producer/singer’s debut album that propelled him to fame.  The new “1998” remix just premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show yesterday (turns out Beats 1 is just as awesome as I initially thought).  This track follows last month’s release of “Bend” and comes just in time for Faker’s upcoming fall tour.

“1998” Remix featuring BANKS

Original “1998”

Still smooooooth as hell if you ask me.

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Chet is No Faker When it Comes to Music

This morning, Chet Faker premiered an unreleased track called “Bend” originally recorded for his debut album Built on Glass on Triple J, an Australian radio station.  “Ever since it got cut from the album it’s just been sitting on my iTunes, sitting there looking at me,” said Faker.  “Usually when I cut a song after a few months I’m like ‘yeah cool, that song’s dead’ but it’s been annoying me… [so] it was either never going to be put out, or now, with this tour.”  The best way to describe “Bend” is: eclectic.Chet Faker It’s got Faker’s smooth vocals, a unique guitar riff, and irregularly timed percussion.  The track definitely stands out from the other songs on Built on Glass.  It’ll definitely take me a few more listens to grow to like the funky song.  It’s not one of my favorite Chet songs, but you can sense the authenticity behind it and it, of course, gets me pumped for a second studio album.

For his next album, Faker is aiming for a more “heavily performance-based sound.”  “Yeah there’s heaps of that [new music] coming and that was another reason why I had to put this track out now because once I put new stuff, you can’t go backwards,” said Faker.

Hey, I’ll take whatever I can get from Chet.

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10 Best Songs for a Late Night Drive

One of my favorite things about summertime (besides the beach, sunshine, and overall carefreeness of everything) is driving late at night.  The roads are mostly empty, making the drive 100x more relaxing (sometimes a little scary, but still — pretty relaxing).  The late hour, the lack of cars, the breezy summer air — all of it induces some quality late night deep thinking.  And while silence on a late night drive can sometimes be relaxing, I prefer certain types of music over others to keep me company.  Here are the perfect songs for a late night drive:

Night drive

1. Can’t Do Without You by Caribou.  A very easygoing, mindless song that semi-hypnotizes you to focus on that empty road (probably the best part of a late night drive).

2. Awake by Tycho.  I always use late night drives to just think- about anything and everything- so having a chill, catchy instrumental to act as background music to my racing thoughts helps.  Plus, this awesome beat keeps you “AWAKE” (too corny?).

3. Bloom by ODESZA.  If you couldn’t tell by now, I love a catchy, almost abstract-sounding beat while I drive at night.  This song’s perfect for those 1am vibes.

4. Gooey by Glass Animals.  Honestly, I can put this song on repeat for the whole drive home.  When this is on, you gotta roll those windows down, stick your arm out a bit, and feel the wind slip through your fingers to compliment the ~GrOoVy~ vibe of the song (but after, please put your arm back in the car — it freaks me out when people just dangle an arm out the window).  Side note: What is he actually saying in the song?  I always only just pick up on “little pooh bear” and “peanut butter vibes.”

5. Firestone by Kygo, Conrad Sewell.  Kygo can do no wrong.  Ugh, those steel-drum synths just get me every. single. time.

6. Manhattan by Kings of Leon.  This song screams nighttime drive to me.  That classic Kings of Leon alternative rock sound was pretty much made for driving between the hours of 10pm to 3am.

7. Midnight City by M83.  CLASSIC, AM I RIGHT?!

8. Nightcall by Kavinsky.  Fun Fact: This song was also featured in the title scene of Drive — how fitting.

9. Faded by Zhu.  Super catchy and super mysterious — this could also be because Zhu opts to remain anonymous with the request of being judged purely on his/her (most people refer to Zhu as a male, but hey, #GirlPower) music.

10. Intro by The xx.  Are you sick of all the instrumentals yet?

**BONUS: for those extra long night drives (also because it was too difficult to cut songs out of the playlist)**

11. Drop the Game by Flume, Chet Faker.  The combination of Chet Faker’s vocals and Flume’s beat is straight up *fire emoji*.

12. Peaches by In The Valley Below.  Never fails to get stuck in my head for hours.  This song combines sultry, smooth, brooding male-female vocals mixed with catchy, almost 80’s-sounding synth and rhythm.

13. Coffee by Sylvan Esso.  Suitable for more mellow late night drives packed with lots of deep thinking.  Please note: I nearly made a joke about this song acting as “coffee” in keeping you awake during a late night drive — I decided against it.

14. Sad Machine by Porter Robinson.  You could be the happiest person in the world, but Porter will still hit you with the feels.  Listening to this song while driving late at night will probably definitely make you the most sentimental person you’ve been in the past year.

15. Dead Air by CHVRCHES.  With a pop-y, synth-heavy beat and airy vocals, this song will definitely keep you awake whether it’s by accompanying your late nights thoughts or by you singing along to the catchy chorus (or at least trying to).

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