3 Music Festivals, 1 App

Happy Memorial Day Weekend (aka long weekend)!  And it has indeed been a long weekend for Snapchat, which featured 3 music festivals in addition to other events like the Monaco Grand Prix and Cheese Rolling at Cooper’s Hill (what?).

*What I’m listening to as I write this blog post.*

This weekend, I went to 3 music festivals: Sasquatch in Quincy, Washington, Mysteryland in Bethel Woods, New York (#tbt to Woodstock), and EDC New York in East Rutherford, New Jersey (so, like, why is it called “EDC NY“?).  How did I attend all 3 music festivals?  Snapchat.

This semester, I had to create an entire Integrated Marketing Communications campaign around any given brand/companyIMG_3054.  I chose Snapchat because I truly believe it’s the next big thing — okay, so Snapchat isn’t by any means “new” since it was launched in September 2011 by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy.  BUT the app is evolving.  It has transformed from an app that was primarily used to send silly, ephemeral, and sometimes nude (hey, do you) photos to friends and other users to an app that’s used for advertising and brand building.  In January 2015, Snapchat launched “Discover,” a new tool for users to view curated content from different brans including Cosmopolitan, CNN, the Food Network, Yahoo New, and more.  But what I think Snapchat is doing best is their “Live Story” feature in which attending users can send snaps to the public feed for all Snapchat users to see.  The trick is to have your location services turned on so that Snapchat knows you’re at the eveIMG_3088nt/in the area and can, therefore, contribute to the story.  For example, this weekend, Mysteryland attendees were able to take snaps and send them to the feed, which Snapchat then picks and curates what snaps are seen by the public.  It allows you to truly experience the festival whereas live streams are often polished, showing only a particular part of the festival and whatnot.  The “Live Story” feature allows users to truly feel as if they have experienced theIMG_3093 festival.  For example, on Day 1 of Sasquatch, some festival attendees were weary of the impending rainstorm whereas others were willing to continue partying on despite the rain.  Non-attendees would have never gotten that viewpoint otherwise.  Also, Mysteryland attendees often snapped what it’s like at festival grounds after the last headliner has played — this was extremely interesting for me since I haven’t camped at a festival yet (but Firefly soon!).  The “Live Story” builds on user experience and allows attendees to share their experiences with one another (#PLUR, am I right?!).

Instead of having a “Live Story,” EDC NY kept Snapchat users updated through their brand account, InsomniacEvents.  I started following the brand’s account last year around this time because of the exclusive DJ shout outs and behind-the-scenes lIMG_3089ooks the account would snap.  This year, Insomniac made sure to “live snap” the entire event.  Live snapping goes a step further than live tweeting in some aspects since it provides a first-hand look at the event through pictures and short 10-second videos.  What makes it cooler is that it’s all fleeting — you don’t get to stare at the picture or video for 10 minutes, but instead, IMG_308410 seconds.  I always found the ephemeral aspect of Snapchat so cool because it makes content seem even more exclusive.  Ultimately, Snapchat allows for the ultimate festival experience for festival attendees and the ultimate FOMO experience for those not attending.

Speaking from personal experience, it’s always a cool thing to be able to contribute to an event “Live Story.”  Even having an event geofilter makes your snap 10000000000x cooler.  At Ultra, we were able to get a few snaps with the geofilter and sent to the “Live Story” (we never made it onto the public “Live Story” #bitter).  However, at Coachella, it was near impossible to get a snap uploaded even just to “My Story” because of the sucky connection at the festival (#firstworldproblems am I right?!).  In the past, Snapchat has scored a 11090854_10205996273764475_8181585702527570812_osponsorship deal with Insomniac Events; Snapchat would provide free WiFi access for festival attendees so long as the”EDC Las Vegas “story” was promoted.  Several users, though, claimed that the WiFi was faulty and unable to be connected to.  According to Snapchat COO Emily White, free WiFi access was spotty due to the apparent popularity of Snapchat at the event.  In the future, it would be cool to see Snapchat doing the same sponsorship at a bunch of different music festivals with improved WiFi access, of course.  Can you tell I’m still a little #bitter from not being able to send my Coachella snaps in?

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Coachella: Day 2 “Earned It”

SOS — Too much desert dust in my lungs and nasal cavities.

Milky Chance: First sets of the day are always amazing since you still have your energy and your feet aren’t as sore yet; jammed out real hard to “Stolen Dance,” of course.

Chet Faker: Quite possibly my favorite set of Coachella so far; came out 8 months pregnant.

Coachella 4Hozier: Enjoyed the blues-y feel; of course, screamed the lyrics to “Take Me to Church.”

Belle & Sebastian: Funky music that caters to every weird dance move you have.

alt-j: Listened to while eating chicken fingers and fries — chill set, delicious chicken fingers.

Duke Dumont: Imagine this: the wind blowing through your hair as “The Giver,” “Need U,” and “I Got U” blasts in the background — pure happiness.  Oh, and steel drums ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!

Tycho: No matter what song he played, I couldn’t stop moving.

FKA Twigs: Just as weird as you would imagine, but she absolutely KILLED it.  I went nuts for Two Weeks, my favorite song of hers. Also looked around for Robert Pattinson… no luck.

Coachella 5Flosstradamus: Synonymous with ratchet; turned the crowd into a giant mosh pit.

The Weeknd: Babymaking music at its finest.  Also, brought Kanye out.  Enough said.

Axwell x Ingrosso: Also saw a tiny bit of their set at Gov Ball and was less than impressed.  Stayed for a little more than 5 minutes and then lost interest.

Last and final day tomorrow!

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Coachella: Day 1 “Shook Me All Night Long”

Oh my gosh, it’s everything you would imagine it to be AND MORE!  Here’s a quick recap of the artists I saw today.

Keys N Krates: ~*LeT’s DaNcE*~

Oliver Heldens: Still had fresh energy, so I was able to bounce, shuffle, and slightly jump (with a still injured ankle).

Lykke Li: Chill, let me sit on the ground to recharge and vibe out to Lykke’s vocals.Lykke Coachella

Interpol: Reminded me of a classic summer festival; this was the first band we saw at MainStage and it was incredible.  The way the MainStage was constructed made it feel like you were up close even though you were all the way back due to strategically placed speakers and large screens.

DJ Snake: Okay, so keep in mind this is my 5th (give or take – I’ve lost count) time seeing DJ Snake.  I love the guy, but his set seemed a little all over the place.  I expected a little more out of him than what was actually delivered.  HOWEVER, he did bring out Rae Sremmurd (I kind of just mumble that when I say it out loud in my head), DMX, and Alunageorge.

Tame Impala: The visuals were made especially for everyone tripping on acid.  Also, I love me some Tame Impala.

Porter Robinson: The sound was a little too low, but his set was amazing!  His music and visuals have this weird way of making you extremely happy but also extremely pensive about life.  Choking on nostalgia is common.

Coachella 3AC/DC: Old guys, but still put on a good show; subconsciously scared Angus Young or one of the other members was going to spontaneously pop a hip on stage.

Alesso: Just like DJ Snake, I have seen Alesso a few times before this.  I’ll always be somewhat sentimental watching Alesso since he was the headliner of the first RUPA event I ever worked.  Also, more recently, his song “Heroes” will eternally remind me of Dance Marathon — and that makes me emotional enough.

Two more days of musical heaven to go!

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Social Media Review: Coachella

Coachella, -ella, -ella, ay, ay, ay.


Since I will be attending Coachella Weekend 2 soon (yup, let the jealousy settle in), it’s only right to do a social media review on one of the most popular, celebrity-filled music festivals.  As expected, Coachella has a solid following on all social media accounts.  Still not as large as Ultra’s following, but I’d imagine the most star-studded following (huh-LO, let’s not forget Leo DiCaprio’s “dance moves“):

Scrolling through Coachella’s social media accounts, I see constant use of videos and photos to both hype and prepare festival attendees.  Similar to Bonnaroo, Coachella also promotes artists as relevant content comes to surface.  After analyzing two festival social medias, Coachella is the first music festival I have reviewed that uses SpoCoachella Social Media 2tify playlists frequently to promote its lineup.  When it comes to engagement on Twitter, Coachella primarily retweets artists and lacks engagement with attendees/fans.  However, one of the coolest Coachella social media features is the artist takeover on Instagram.  For example, before Weekend 1, Kaskade was given control of the Coachella Instagram feed.  Throughout the music festival, you can see Coachella through the eyes of whoever takes over the Instagram next  — pretty cool if you ask me!

Coachella Social Media

Coachella Social media 4Coachella Social Media 3







  • Coachella successfully uses multi-media platforms to catch the attention of followers.  ‘Chella is the only music festival I’ve seen so far that makes use of Spotify playlists.  The music and art festival announced its “food lineup” and its art installation process via short video.  Also, Coachella can do no wrong by posting pictures of its beautiful art installations and festival layout.  Palm trees, am I right?!
  • Coachella frequently posts reminders of activities going on or security manners.
  • INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER.  Need I say more?  I still find it so cool how users are able to see Coachella through the eyes of a different person every few hours or so.
  • GREAT day of show posts constantly providing users with minute-by-minute updates and FYIs.

Coachella Social Media 5


  • Although Coachella’s social media accounts are definitely aesthetically pleasing, the festival needs to work on its “voice.”  While reading through tweets and posts, I didn’t really pick up on a consistent message or any brand personality traits.
  • If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a huge advocate of fan engagement.  ‘Chella should start replying to followers/fans — by responding to fans, ‘Chella would be able to build its brand.  Connectivity is important for users/attendees at festivals, and socializing via Twitter is a way for attendees to feel connected and engaged by a brand (Jamison et. al., 2014, p. 4).Gigi-Hadid-Coachella-Style
  • Not only should ‘Chella reply to fans, but also retweet fans!  Who doesn’t love to see their post on a famous music festival’s social media page?
  • This one’s not really a con, but more of a suggestion.  Everybody knows that “Coachella fashion” is a thing.  Why isn’t Coachella capitalizing off of this more on its social media accounts?  A social media campaign can easily be started: #ChellaFashion.  I mean huh-LOW, GiGi Hadid and Kendall Jenner can be the first ones featured followed by lace-clad, no-bra wearing, hippie civilians.

I am so unbelievably excited to experience Coachella.  Its social media accounts seem to convey an ounce of the experience, but it definitely seems to be a “you had to be there” kind of concept.  I’ll be counting down the days until musical heaven aka Coachella.  Who knows?  Maybe by the time weekend 2 rolls around, #ChellaFashion will actually be a thing!  (You’re welcome in advance, Coachella!)

Overall score: — Coachella’s Instagram takeover is what really boosted the music festival’s overall score, but ultimately, the lack of “voice” is pretty detrimental to a brand.

Stay tuned,


Jamison-Powell, S., Mahoney, J., Bennett, L., & Lawson, S. (2014, February). Understanding in-situ social media at music festivals. Paper presented at 17th ACM conference.

What’s Another Week without a Post About a Music Festival?

Festival season is fast approaching, and I couldn’t be more excited… to watch them on live stream, of course.  As much as I would love to be frolicking in the Indio, California sun one weekend, Randall’s Island a couple months later, and then Dover, Delaware a few weeks after, I’m unfortunately still waiting for the money tree in my backyard to grow in.

This week, the lineups for both Governors Ball in NYC and Firefly in Dover have been released — in other words, it’s been a big week for music festivals… and OutKast.  Looking at the Gov Ball lineup, I was completely floored.  Vampire Weekend, Foster the People, Disclosure, Axwell & Ingrosso, Empire of the Sun, Fitz and the Tantrums all rolled into one festival (aka heaven)?!  Immediately after, I looked up this year’s Firefly lineup.  After last year’s awesome lineup, I expected nothing less from Firefly, but as I scanned that lineup flyer (luckily did not need a magnifying glass to read it like Coachella’s) I found myself unimpressed.  This year, Firefly has a few gems that stand out, like Jack Johnson, Weezer, The Lumineers, but no one jaw-dropping.  When it comes down to Gov Ball vs. Firefly, I have to say Gov Ball takes the cake, trophy, and every other prize because the lineup is spectacular.

One thing, though, Gov Ball and Firefly (and pretty much every music festival this year) have in common: OutKast.

Stay tuned,


Coachella, -ella, -ella, eh, eh, eh

Thanks Rihanna.

Source: Google Images; Now not only do I always spell "umbrella" incorrectly, but I also sing involuntarily sing "Coachella, -ella, -ella."

Source: Google Images; Now not only do I always spell “umbrella” incorrectly, but I also involuntarily sing “Coachella, -ella, -ella.”

If you’ve been alive for the past day, you’ve probably heard all the hype over this year’s Coachella line-up.  A lot of my personal favorites will be attending, like Foster the People, Ellie Goulding, Empire of the Sun, and Lorde to name a few.  However, one band I noticed missing from the lineup is Vampire Weekend (a little disappointed in that actually).  Nonetheless, the Coachella lineup is spectacular as usual, but I still can’t afford to go across the country and let my inner hippie-festival-going spirit run wild; even though paying $375 (NOT including extra fees and charges) for a ticket to not only jam out to awesome musical acts, but also gawk at celebrities (uh hello, Zac Efron) left and right sounds like a bargain to me!

Source: Coachella.com; Coachella's sick 2014 lineup.

Source: Coachella.com; Where’s my magnifying glass?

Only at Coachella could you have an OutKast reunion, A$AP Ferg, and MGMT performing while Vanessa Hudgens instagrams her hippie/gypsy outfit, Emma Watson rocks out looking too beautiful for her own good (10 points for Gryffindor), and Kristen Stewart rolls a blunt on the ground.

Source: Google Images; Exhibit A of Vanessa Hudgens' hippie/gypsy outfits. And yes, she is barefoot in the right picture… too far, Vanessa, too far.

Source: Google Images; Exhibit A of Vanessa Hudgens’ hippie/gypsy outfits. And yes, she is barefoot in the right picture… too far, Vanessa, too far.

One day, Coachella, one day.

Stay tuned,