This is NOT about The Bee Gees

It’s a tiny bit disheartening that when you Google search “How Deep is Your Love,” the Bee Gees only made it to one result on the first page while a majority of the pages link to Calvin Harris.

In mid-July when Calvin Harris released his and the Disciples’ new deep house track “How Deep is Your Love,” it was expected to be a summer banger.  With its funky bass and repetitive chorus, I can understand why people would consider the song one of their summer jams (I’m looking at you, bros).

The same can’t be said for Frenchman DJ Snake’s remix of “How Deep is Your Love.”

As has been probably mentioned in several previous blog posts, I’m a fan of DJ Snake.  I’ve seen him six or more times already (including one time when my phone got stolen by a boy wearing a cardigan in a club, which in all realness, should have been a red flag to begin with), and have enjoyed every single performance. dj snakeHe’s even been dominating the radio this summer between his version of AlunaGeorge’s “You Know You Like It” and “Lean On” with Major Lazer and MØ.  Despite all of that, I really dislike his remix of Harris’ “How Deep is Your Love.”  The remix had so much potential until the beat dropped and some God-awful, annoying horn starts ringing like crazy.  In comparison to DJ Snake’s other work, this remix falls short, which is why I dislike it so much.  So basically, like a parent to a teenager, I’m disappointed in DJ Snake.  I would be interested to hear what a purely trap remix of the song would sound like.  If Ookay had remixed “How Deep is Your Love,” I imagine it would be all the trappy ratchetness I was expecting from DJ Snake.  I also think Oliver Heldens could really add to the song with his signature bouncy bass.


My love for DJ Snake’s remix of the song is not deep at all.

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“Here’s to the nights we felt alive”

*Play while reading blog post for maximum emotion.*

It’s that time of year — when “Class of 20–” is written sloppily in marker on car windows and your family and friends are taking bets on whether or not the girl with her graduation cap on inside Olive Garden is graduating from college or high school. Grad Day

This year, I graduated college (granted, 1 year early, but still).  On May 14th, I graduated from the School of Communication & Information, but I technically didn’t officially graduate from Rutgers University until Sunday, May 17th, which was University commencement (see: sweaty legs, hat hair, and Bill Nye).  As you can only imagine, this is a huge transition in my life — I leave the friends I began this epic journey with, I don’t get to see my best friends every day Grad Day 2(and, well, pretty much every second), and I have to live back home again (love ya, mom and dad!).  Every other day and sometimes spontaneously, a close friend will get extremely sentimental or will even start to cry.  But me?  I haven’t had the luxury of being able to express my emotions through a good ol’ cry sesh (have I ever?).

Music is extremely nostalgic to me.  Like most people, listening to a song can bring me back to a specific time, place, memory, feeling.  I can listen to Blink-182 or Yellowcard and be tranGrad Day 3sported immediately back to my Laguna Beach-loving days.  I can listen to The Lumineers or Taylor Swift’s Red album and be sitting in my freshman year dorm again.  In other words, music makes me sensey (see: soft, emotional, vulnerable).

Every graduating class has songs tied to its era.  My brother’s generation way back when was all about “Graduation (Friends Forever)” by Vitamin C, and, honestly, that song still manages to choke me up – and THAT is really Laurensaying something.  Around the 2000s/my sister’s era of graduating from high school and then college shortly after was a mix of some of the best nostalgic songs: Michelle Branch’s “Goodbye to You” (SO good), Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance” (daaww), Eve6’s “Here’s to the Night” (tears everywhere), and Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” (okay, maybe not this one).Dance Marathon

My official 8th grade graduation song was “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts (cheesy, but it did the job and made me cry).  Our unofficial grammar school song was Boys Like Girls’ “The Great Escape” because I’m sure at the time we felt like rebellious, independent tweens ready to take on new hallways aka high school.  Basement showFor high school, we never had an official graduation song, but Fun.’s “We Are Young” pretty much summed up my high school years.  The song is fun (lol) and carefree, but not quite as reckless as it could be (ahem, college) — much like how high school was.

This year, though, I noticed there’s not one or two specific songs that sum up my college career.  Instead, I find myself thinking of different songs that are associated with memories — DJ Snake’s “Turn Down for What” (and, really, anything DJ Snake) will10731188_10205160027784086_109071226003444617_n always remind me of how he came to Rutgers for our Spring 2014 concert, Vampire Weekend’s “Step” makes me remember studying for finals with my very first best friends at Rutgers, Ke$ha’s “Die Young” reminds me of getting ready for football games and parties with my fellow Thot Cave members (also known as apartment mates), Oliver Heldens’ “Gecko (Overdrive)”HOLLAdayz brings me back to going to Miami/Ultra this year with good friends, Alesso’s “Heroes” makes me tear up a little because it makes me think of standing on my feet for a straight 30 hours with my best friends to support children with cancer through Dance Marathon, and St. Lucia’s “Elevate” transports me back to sunny Coachella with my sister.  There’s no song that represents my college experience, but rather a cluster.  I’ve had so many unique memories and experiences that no one song does my time “on the bankQuad Squads” justice.  And now I’m getting flustered because I’m starting to get emotional, but it’s true- my days at Rutgers deserve more than just a sappy generational song or two; they deserve an entire freakin’ series of songs — Vol. 1, Vol. 2, AND Vol. 3 — to capture all the hilarious, stressful, turntiest (see: drunk, tipsy, wasted) adventures I’ve had in college.

But, I mean, if you really want a generational graduation song, how about Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again” (bawling only because of Paul Walker)?

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