Mystery Solved

But this time, it doesn’t feel so fulfilling.

Last month, Proximity, a popular EDM YouTube channel, posted an anonymous track titled “Slowly.”  The track gained mounds of support from artists like Oliver Heldens and Pete Tong.  Reddit users and music blogs alike speculated that the track belonged to ZHU due to its anonymous nature (even though we know who you are already, Zhu).  So, basically, everybody lost their shit because this dance-worthy track was so ~mysterious~.

Turns out, the track belongs to Dropout, a trio of friends (Ethan, Ray, and Selden) from Santa Barbara and Big Beat Records’ newest signees.  “We want our music to help listeners not only dance their faces off, but also find a sort of meaning or release in that dance, beyond just the fun of jamming out,” Dropout explains. “So that’s why we decided to initially release the track as an ID, because we wanted people to have an opportunity to experience the song independent of us, and just to feel the music as a piece of art that isn’t necessarily tied to anybody but the listener.


LOVE the track — it’s fresh, groovy, and will 110% be one of my summer jams.  The combination of pitch-shifting vocals and bouncy beat makes for a perfect festival hit.  It’s one of those rare songs that can be light, fun, and airy, but heavy and meaty all at once (thanks to the dub step undertones).  But as for the mysterious marketing technique behind the track release: over it.  Don’t get me wrong — I still obsess over the novelty of Zhu’s initial anonymous marketing concept.  Jake Udell (of Th3rd Brain) and his team were the creators behind Zhu’s mystique marketing concept.
The_Nightday_EP_ZhuThere was just something so inexplicably cool about seeing that low-key Zhu logo and being unable to see him clearly as he hid behind a mesh screen while playing.  Similar to the well-known street artist Banksy, there’s just some grandeur about not knowing who is actually behind a work of art that you love — it could be anyone.  In Dropout’s case, though, it seems a bit stale and overdone.  I mean, the trio probably had good intentions and really wanted people to initially connect solely with the song rather than the three of them, but after only a month of anonymity, they reveal themselves!  I’m being so unnecessarily hard on Dropout, but there’s just something about it all that doesn’t seem genuine, and instead, seems manufactured and maybe a little desperate.

Regardless, “Slowly” is still one of my favorite songs at the moment

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RUPA Presents: Party at the Puddle

Yup, RUPA is hosting a party at Passion Puddle on Thursday, April 30th.

Similar to the Fall’s Scarlet Harvest, which includes live music, free food, arts & crafts, and other fun activities (i.e., bull riding), Party at the Puddle serves as a celebration of nice weather and the end of the semester (finally).  As part of my Capstone, I will be planning the music portion of the event.  I will also be in charge of creating a promotion plan for Party at the Puddle.  What better way to understand social media promotion (when it comes to music events) than to plan and promote one yourself?

Along with promoting the event itself, I plan to promote each of the respective local New Brunswick bands’ Facebook and Bandcamp or Spotify pages.  I will incorporate all types of marketing in my Party at the Puddle promotion plan including:

  • Digital marketing (HEAVY social media promotion)
  • Print marketing (flyers on RUPA bulletin boards)
  • In-person marketing (street teams)

At the event, I will be distributing a short anonymous survey to as many attendees as possible in order to analyze and determine what form of promotion was the most effective in attracting attendees.  Based on the answers we have heard in the past via focus groups, I predict that social media will be the main source of attendees’ knowledge of the event.

Since social media is RUPA’s strongest form of marketing, we drop all of our events via Facebook and Twitter first.  Given that Party at the Puddle just dropped today, the Facebook “Going” RSVPs and invites seem to be growing at a healthy pace if not faster than normal.  A big factor could be the name of the event.  Personally speaking, if I saw an event named “Party at the Puddle,” I would be kind of confused and prompted to click on the event page.  The event name itself is click-bait!  As a side note, it was NOT easy to name this event.  At first, I was hell-bent on naming it “New Funswick” because why not?  At the end of the day, though, I couldn’t be happier with the event name — it matches the event’s upbeat, laid-back vibe.

This is an actual photo of Passion Puddle. Desktop wallpaper worthy, am I right?!

This is an actual photo of Passion Puddle. Desktop wallpaper worthy, am I right?!

Also, the fact that RUPA is hosting an event at Passion Puddle could be enough to attract attention since no other event is held in that area.  According to Hoyle (2002), the venue or event location can “dictate not just the attendance, but the character and personality of the event as well” (p. 15).  While framing events in a certain light is also important when promoting, having quality raw materials is equally as important.  We knew that we needed to somehow incorporate “Passion Puddle” in the event title to attract attention and place emphasis on the cool, unique location.  Beautiful weather (*KNOCK ON WOOD*), live music, tasty food, fun carnival games, and friends all in such a peaceful, picturesque place makes for the best day.

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Hoyle, L. H. (2002). Introduction to event marketing. In Event marketing: How to successfully promote events, festivals, conventions, and expositions (pp. 1-17). New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.


Netflix-itis: Doctors Say There is No Cure

I realize that I’ve been MIA for a couple weeks now, but I have been taking my time off from school to focus on family, friends, and Netflix.  But before you assume that I’ve been bumming on the couch all day watching Scandal episode after Scandal episode (Olivia Pope is a badass), I have actually been busy at my new winter internship in New York City at Complex Media in Ad Sales & Marketing.

Source: Google Images; Complex Media logo - so simple, but so effortlessly cool.

Source: Google Images; Complex Media logo – so simple, but so effortlessly cool.

Doing an internship during winter break has been ideal for me because it allows me to focus 100% on my work and learn new things in a department I had little to no knowledge on.  Not to mention, it gets me up and moving otherwise I’d still be sitting in my new fleece pajamas with my laptop on my stomach and food crumbs everywhere.  At Complex, I assist the Marketing Department managers, Advertising Sales Assistants, and Sales Representatives with various duties.  After walking into the Time & Life Building feeling official and adult-like while the guards side-eye me wondering if it is “Take Your Child to Work Day,” I head up to the 35th floor and walk into the urban Complex office.  Almost every employer says, “There is no typical day at the office.”  Most of the time, I always assumed they were trying to intimidate me, but at Complex, it really is true- one day I could be doing my daily tasks and jamming out to my Spotify playlists (nice plug) while the next day I’m frantically scrambling to finish my daily tasks while putting together marketing research on a specific product into a PowerPoint presentation for one of my bosses.

Source: Complex Magazine; Seth Rogen and James Franco Cover Complex's June/July 2013 Issue.

Source: Complex Magazine; Seth Rogen and James Franco Cover Complex’s June/July 2013 Issue.

Every day, the interns are responsible for compiling lists of 5 top stories for each category in the Complex network (i.e., fashion, music, art & design).  Interns are also responsible for keeping track of the advertisements listed on competitor websites; we screenshot the ad and categorize them (i.e., if the ad is in the background and displayed on a banner at the top basically hogging the entire webpage, it would be classified as a “Takeover” ad).

Source:; This is a "takeover" ad for PS4.

Source:; This is a “takeover” ad for PS4.

Although I have only been at Complex for a short amount of time, I have already learned a boat load.  Aside from learning how to dress hipper, I’ve learned how to work in a fast-paced enviornment while maintaining an attention to detail (because almost all tasks assigned require this).

I’m pretty proud of myself this winter break.  I caught up on Scandal (Grey’s Anatomy, you’re next) and scored a sweet internship!

Source: Google Images; Winter break productivity? In the words of Olivia Pope: "It's handled."

Source: Google Images; Winter break productivity? In the words of Olivia Pope: “It’s handled.”

Stay tuned,


Good Vibes

Just last night was RUPA’s very first Live VIbes: Rutgers in the Spotlight Coffeehouse!  Last night at 8 PM, good vibes escaped The Cove, located inside the Busch Campus Center, all thanks to our Live Vibes Coffeehouse event.

“Live Vibes” is similar to an open mic night, except that the acts are already previously booked.  Talented Rutgers students submit an entry form (basically an application) in hopes of being picked to headline one of our Coffeehouses.  For each Coffeehouse (there’s one every month), a Concerts & Coffeehouses committee member will choose about 4 to 5 acts for his/her own designated Coffeehouse date (we each get one).  Lauren was this month’s Live Vibes point person, so she picked 4 lucky RU students to showcase their talent.

My Coffeehouse is the next one on Tuesday, November 5th at the Livingston Student Center.  I am currently in the midst of booking students to perform.  It’s been crazy and hectic, but so far I’ve confirmed 2 student acts.  Just the other day, I had an events meeting with an LSC adviser to go over the details of the event (for example, how many mics will be needed, what speakers will be provided, etc.).  Next on my agenda is to confirm 2 other acts, make a Day of Show (DOS) Timeline with specific set times and arrivals, and order catering because how can you have a coffeehouse without any free food?

Source: RUPA Facebook; Live Vibes Coffeehouse digital flyer

Source: RUPA Facebook; Live Vibes Coffeehouse digital flyer

Who doesn’t love FREE stuff?  In an attempt to attract more Live Vibes attendees while also branding RUPA, I had RUPA mugs ordered to be handed out to the first 75 attendees.  Originally, I was going to order personalize RUPA guitar picks to advertise the Coffeehouse, but in the end mugs seemed more practical.  Though I was initially worried that there wouldn’t even be 75 people to give mugs to, we ran out almost immediately!

Speaking more on advertising and branding, RUPA also had a “street team,” which is basically guerrilla marketing, to further promote Live Vibes.  Though it took a few weeks of brainstorming creative ideas that would attract students to our RUPA table, we finally decided on having students who submitted Live Vibe entry forms perform acoustically while we gave out RUPA goody bags filled with biscotti, a RUPA pen, RUPA magnet, and RUPA chip clip with a Live Vibes Coffeehouse quarter sheet advertisement attached to the outside (how many times can you say RUPA in one sentence?).  You walk away from the table not only knowing about the promoted event thanks to the quarter sheet flyer, but an hour later when you’re wondering what the hell you grabbed earlier, you’re reminded that the event is thanks to RUPA due to the assorted branded goodies inside the bag.  This was the perfect way of combining both promoting and branding; in other words, we successfully killed two birds with one stone.

Source: RUPA Instagram; The 4 headliners of the Oct. Live Vibes Coffeehouse and the infamous RUPA mug.

Source: RUPA Instagram; The 4 headliners of the Oct. Live Vibes Coffeehouse and the infamous RUPA mug.

At the end of the day, not only did I experience a marketing success, but also a good cup of hot chocolate with some great music.

Stay tuned,


Inaugural Post

There’s very few things more intimidating than drafting the first post on your blog.  Months or years from now when you’re stalking your past self, you’ll likely come across your first blog post and probably cringe.

Source: Self-made meme made on because I had to have Ryan Gosling on the page somehow.

Source: Self-made meme made on because I had to have Ryan Gosling on the page somehow.

That being said, I was a little nervous to set up this blog, but excited nonetheless to take the first step in sharing my adventures.  Since this blog is for my class, Strategic Presentation Methods in Digital Media, I wanted to make sure everything was perfect and contained everything that was listed in the guidelines.  Since I consider myself pretty tech-savvy, setting up my blog was easy and quick.  The hardest part for me, however, was choosing the name of the blog; I wanted a unique and witty blog name.  It seemed that every time I thought of a good title, it was already taken, and the only way I would be able to have it was if I swapped the o’s for 0’s and added a stream of numbers at the end of it, which I was most definitely not willing to do (“R0xandR0ll7261994” just doesn’t have the same effect).  Finally, after a lot of Googling of musical terms and creative blog names, I thought of one- a pretty good one if I say so myself.

Source: Myself; One of the many perks of working behind the scenes is meeting the cool band members, like Derek from Mayday Parade.

Source: Myself; One of the many perks of working behind the scenes is meeting the cool band members, like Derek from Mayday Parade (left).

Though “Rox and Roll” is pretty much a blank canvas right now, I’m eager to start posting and filling the blog up.  I can’t wait to make myself seem important and cool by sharing not only my experience of booking and dealing with musicians, but also revealing insider details about what it’s like to endorse a popular music brand around campus.  To make myself look even cooler, I’ll also be sharing new music “goodies” as I discover them.

Stay tuned,